Cara of the Ra plains

Cara is a young <17> YO half Elf

  • 6’ tall
  • 135 lbs
  • Green hair
  • White eyes
  • Light blue skin

Cara carries 3 Javelins, a scimitar, and a heavy wooden shield


Cara is from the western continent; in her early teens she was captured by slavers and sold to a sea captain voyaging west.

Cara served with him for a few years until she was won in a poker game by Darth Fast Sail, Captain of the Foam Leaper.

several years later during a fight with a crew member (not her first) Cara seriously injured one of the more popular crew members and in order to preserve order Darth gifted her to a group of adventurers that were on board at the time so she would leave the ship at HighWalls.

Cara of the Ra plains

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