Erastus "Rast" of the Elven Tribes


Erastus, “Rast” to those he deems worthy, is an aspiring practitioner of the magical arts. He is quick and nimble of feet and dons no armor. He has little patience and seems to much prefer his own company than that of the fools he seems constantly surrounded by. Forced into physical combat he does carry a few pointed things with which to bleed foes, but he is most comfortable away from close-quarter combat.


Erastus, “Rast”, spent the first 60 years of his life trying to follow the Elven way. He has an ingrained affinity for Magic that his “tutors” failed to recognize. Hence he left their tutelage at an early age, for an Elf, and sought training in the realms beyond his Elven homeland. In musical terms, his Elven tutors wanted him to practice basic notes while he was ready to compose songs! The Human tutors he had contact with seemed particularly inept. Their “Master Works” were but a child’s trick to him. Eventually, Rast did find a human tutor worthy of his ability, but his life was so short it annoyed Rast greatly. His “mentor” died after only 47 years of tutelage. A few months before his death, he took Rast aside and informed him that when he began adventuring he had heard that the land of Highwalls and the continent beyond held stores of ancient spells long since forgotten by modern mages. Intrigued by this, Rast booked passage on a ship headed South. He has fallen in with a band of adventures from that ship and seems to have taken up a leadership role of said band.

Erastus "Rast" of the Elven Tribes

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