First Age

The First Age was the earliest age and happened prior to the web of time being cast over the world..

In the beginning of the First Age the first god who’s name has been lost in the haze of time walked the cosmos alone… bored he created the lands and sky but alone the lands and sky bored him.. so he brought for the four Primary gods of Land Sea Earth and Air

After doing so the great god Decided to create Ashron the god of Light and Takof the god of Dark before leaving to wander the cosmos once more

The six elder gods walked the earth shaping it as to meet their wills but soon became bored themselves… no one is sure which god first created a new creature, however before long each was taking a hand at constructing new creatures.

The creatures of Ashron and Takof were incompatible with each other… some desiring to live in the light.. others needing the darkness; soon the creatures and gods began fighting amongst themself; eventually it grew into a war that lasted as long as the races and gods could remember.. but finally Ashron won… taking Takof by the neck and throwing him down a volcano into the darkened realms of the inner earth; Deprived of their source of darkness Takof’s creatures followed him abandoning the rich surface world to make their way in the dark spaces under ground.

The forgotten god of creation felt this end of Takof and looked upon what his children had done and was dismayed, his once pristine lands with open areas to cover and discover where now swarming with new creatures and races war and battles covered the lands…

upset with his children the unnamed god took the power of creation from them… leaving them only able to create inanimate objects.

Takof took his descent badly, using his influence with the drow and humans he began spreading dissent amongst the humans; ever jealous of the gods powers Humans were willing to listen to Takof’s talk of what they should have and deserved..

Eventually the Humans made use of Takof’s latest invention “The spear of gods” to kill Ashron.. casting him from the skies above into the underworld below.

This act ended the first age, beginning the Second Age known as “The age of Greater Darkness”

First Age

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