Second Age

The Second Age, known as the Age of Greater Darkness began when Ashron was cast into the underworld by the humans using the spear of the Gods.

As Ashron fell into the UnderDark his light filled the realm burning the creatures of darkness that lived there.. many died, and those that survived fled their world up to the surface, Gathering in the dark that had spread over the surface around exploring slowly and seeking those who had declared war on their homes.

The Humans felt betrayed by Takof, they hadn’t realized casting Ashron into the underworld would seal the surface in darkness, they appealed to the four elder Gods but the gods fearing the humans use of the spear of gods and the death it caused even in gods fled this world journeying the cosmos as their creator had.

War didn’t take long to break out, the humans and drow started the fighting but it didn’t take long till all were involved with the children of light combining into one force and the children of dark on the other.

Aided by the darkness and their ability to grow food from fungus and mushrooms the children of dark siezed the upper hand destroying entire civilizations in huge raids of combined races, leaving death and destruction behind them.

The humans gathered in their walled cities forging larger walls from the stone of the earth itself and casting spells around them that caused pools of light to appear, just when it seemed even the great mages would be overborne Mistress race trolls, the attendants of Ashron himself descended from his palace… they joined the children of light unaware that it was humans that had cast Ashron down they assumed it was the children of dark and entered the bloody war, joining the light races and holding back the children of the dark at every opportunity.

As the war continued the elves and humans came up with a desperate plan; using Ashrons blood from the spear of gods they would create new gods to restore order to the world.. Using magics long lost to the world… combining the spiritual and arcane energies and using the powers of every college of magic they opened a portal into the realm of creation; and began forging new gods.

Ashron had roamed the underdark looking for an opening to restore himself, as he felt the opening in the fabric of creation he siezed control of it, bursting forth from the Underdark and springing back into the heavens.

Looking down Ashron saw the death and destruction that covered the surface, huge armies of dark besieging the cities of light, while the forces of light perfected items whose sole purpose was to kill. Ashron disgusted with this mindless slaughter and angry at the humans for their betrayal sealed off the nascent new gods and settled his power of light in the skies, forcing the armies of the dark back to the underdark. Ashron seized Takof dragging him into the heavens and using the last of the power of creation cast the web of time, ensuring all creatures the gods had created would be mortal then fled to find the other gods dragging Takof with him.

Ashron as he emerged saw the mistress race trolls had abandoned his keep and defended those who had defeated him, in his anger he cast a horrible curse on them, turning them into the modern trolls we are familiar with.

As the elves saw Ashron emerge from the UnderDark they fled in fear to their keeps, using their magics they defended themselves from the magic revenge they knew would come and so were mostly shielded from the web of time.

The Dragons saw Ashron emerge and soared into the skies which shielded them mostly from the effects of the web of time.

Second Age

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